Ultrabooks baby!

Ultrabooks are The Next Big Thing and we can't afford to be left behind. As it stands, a SAIT issued laptop is rather bulky and somewhat heavy added to the weight of textbooks and the usual stuff that a college student would have to carry around.

Intel Leads The Way

Intel has promised the world to pour all future R&D monies into the rapidly developing Ultrabooks phenomenon. With that in mind, we can safely kiss goodbye the bulky and unpowered "laptops" as we have been calling them since the 80s. Not that there was anything wrong with the 80s mind you... I digress.

Suffice it to say, portable computing is moving ever closer to the invisible and lightweight computer. iPads were so last year and I'm sorry, but Steve Jobs' death pretty much meant the death of the iPad. He had so much of himself wrapped up in that technological innovation, that Apple's board of directors should have recommended a pullback of Jobs' public profile to avoid fusing too much of himself into the company and it's advancements. People don't last forever, but corporations should and that's where the line needs to be drawn.

As for our new friend Mr. Ultrabook, the future is secure for these little guys and there's even word that SAIT might be looking into these powerful mobile computers. Even SAIT Journalism students have complained about how pathetic the SAIT issued Toshiba laptops are. I can't imagine how they're coping in say, the Video Graphics program where both CPU power, RAM and hard drive space are so very important. That's three areas that the Toshibas are quite short on. How many times have I been sitting there, staring at my screen wondering what the heck my Toshiba is actually doing with its spinning turquoise wheel of death, forcing me to wait endlessly on it? Too many. There have been many times when I have patiently waited for the CPU cycles to catch up with me when all I get in return for my patience is a crashed program.

CTRL-ALT-DEL baby, and that's the only thing that fixes an unstable computer. Meh, at least there is a fix in the interim. But my solution of completely revamping the entire system of SAIT issued Toshibas and giving out Intel-powered Ultrabooks is a much more permanent and viable long-term fix.